There nothing easier than moving into a serviced office as compared to a commercial office rental.

When you sign a Serviced Office Agreement – whether it is for a month, 6 months or more, you basically just come in and start working, dramatically reducing downtime associated with moving premises. No need to spend hours on end with your internet and phone provider to install equipment and make things work, you can start working from day 1 as if nothing happened.

In addition, you wont have the expense of soft furnishings, furniture – desks, chairs, visitors chairs, shelving and filing cabinets.  This all comes included in your Serviced Office Agreement.

Maintenance & Utilities are included.

With renting your own office comes the responsibility of maintaining the space. You will need to hire people to conduct the due maintenance. That’s an overhead you won’t see coming when you first move in.

A serviced office rental include all maintenance, giving you peace of mind, more time to focus on running your business and allowing you to gain more control over your cash flow.

Utilities bills such as electricity, phone and internet needs to be considered in your budget.  Unlike commercial spaces, all these are included in your serviced office rental.

Before you take a decision and commit to either solution, look at the big picture and make sure you have factored everything in. A serviced office space may end up being cheaper than a commercial office space, with additional benefits such as the ability the scale your business up and down at will. Adaptability and flexibility surely will help your business thrive and make your cash flow forecasts more reliable.

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