Starting a new business is always exciting, but it doesn’t come without plenty of up-front costs.

A Serviced Office supports a Start-up business to establish their physical presence, taking advantage of the flexibility and various options available to them.

Here is why a serviced office space is the perfect option to suit your start-up’s business needs.

Facilities & Furnishings

At Maitland Serviced Offices (MSO), we provide start-ups and small to medium businesses the opportunity to access fully equipped office spaces, meeting rooms, training and conference rooms and a range of supporting services and facilities, meaning you can work flexibly and comfortably in a great working environment.

Serviced offices offer a huge range of benefits to start-ups, with no huge sum of capital investment required to purchase office equipment or furniture. We provide small to medium businesses the chance to access fully furnished and well-equipped office spaces in a key business hub in the Hunter Valley.


Maitland Serviced Office spaces are ideally located in the heart of Maitland NSW, and provide start-ups with the opportunity to work in a professional and friendly space without the huge set-up fees that can be associated with a stand-alone office space. We offer the flexibility and affordability to provide you with access to a Central location that may otherwise not be available to you due to cost.

Costs & Expenses

As a start-up’s or SME you will often be seeking to cut upfront costs and MSO provide the perfect solution.  We will discuss the best option forward for you and you have the option for a monthly pay-as-you-go basis with short term lease agreements or save on longer term agreements. Utilities such as electricity, air-conditioning, internet, furniture, cleaning and maintenance services are all included within the monthly cost of the office space. Therefore, as a start-up, you do not need to invest a huge amount of capital in the latest technology, high speed internet, office furniture and maintenance as this is all provided in the rented office space.

Short Term Leases & Break Clauses

Maitland Serviced offices offer businesses access to flexible lease agreements which are ideal for start-ups and SMEs as they adapt and grow. This allows you the freedom to relocate, depending upon the changing demands of your company – whether your start-up grows rapidly requiring a larger office space, or decides on acquiring a smaller space.

Our Serviced Office short term lease agreement reduces financial and business risks during your start-up’s initial growth period.

For more information on our Serviced Office option, contact our team on 02 4934 9920.

New Spaces now available on Ground Level and Level 1.