Maitland Serviced Offices Provide a Turn-Key Affordable Solution

Renting an office can be costly and time-consuming.  The costs of rent, furnishings, utilities and maintenance soon add up. Given these expenses and the cost of time to put it all together, more and more companies are turning to cost-effective and convenient solutions, like Serviced Offices.

Our Serviced Offices, come furnished, have meeting rooms, training or conference rooms and kitchens, pay-as-you-use services, and are paid monthly. With no long-term leases, it provides a flexible option for your growing business.

Here are some ways a Serviced Office can save you Money.


Pay for the Office, Not the Facilities

As opposed to renting a leased office, you only pay for the space you really need in a Serviced Office. Facilities like toilets, kitchens, meeting rooms and break rooms are communal, managed facilities.

As the Serviced Office provider we take care of these so that you only have to pay for the office that you use. This can provide a large saving for your business, who would otherwise have to pay rent on the whole internal area.


Your Office comes ready and fitted out.

When renting a Serviced Office, we provide you with your office furnishing such as chairs, desks, drawers or filing cabinets and can be configured the way you like it.

If you were to rent a leased office, you will need to purchase furniture as the space is typically an empty shell.  Fitting an office out can also prove very expensive so there is a lot of time and effort, in addition to cost, saved in the process.


Fixed Utility Bills

When renting a leased office, you will normally have to pay a number of utility bills for the running of the office, which can be subject to increases. Serviced Offices, however, come with a fixed Agreement that absorbed these rates. During the fixed period of rental in a Serviced Office, you won’t be subject to any increases, as the Serviced Office absorbs these costs.


Outsourced Staffing Costs

Our Serviced Offices already have employed staff, including as Receptionists and Admin Staff. This means that you can benefit from our in-house staff who can perform any ad-hoc task you need (on site) without the need to employ and pay wages for a dedicated person/s for the role. Sometimes, you may need to pay an extra pay-as-you-go fee for support service staff, but this is minimal compared to an actual wage.


Flexible Space

As a business, a flexible Serviced Office space makes sense.

Any company that wants to expand takes a risk renting leased office space. They cannot be certain that their company will definitely grow into the space, nor can they be definite they won’t outgrow it. Renting a Serviced Office normally rids you of this worry. Rent the exact size you need initially and we can work with you to allow you to move to a larger space in the building as your business grows.


No Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs will no longer be a cause of pain once you have moved into your Serviced Office. When the air conditioning packs in, the electricity goes or the internet has an issue, it won’t be your problem. In a Serviced Office, these inevitable troubles are covered by the us.



Although not strictly speaking a money saving point, the opportunities to network in Serviced Office spaces can provide an extra source of income and help your company’s growth. We have a number of small to medium sized growing businesses and the networking possibilities are endless. Its also a great way to interact with other businesses on a professional or personal level that you would not have in say a home office.


If you are considering an office move, contact Maitland Serviced Offices for an obligation free-quote.  Your new office may be just around the corner.